CURES Management and Preservation


This policy sets forth standards and expectations for interactions between our real estate agents, brokers, contractors, and subcontractors, and our clients to ensure professionalism, compliance with industry regulations, and high-quality service. It applies to all individuals directly involved in service delivery, including full-time, part-time, contract workers, and third-party service providers.


In their dealings with clients, all personnel are expected to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. This includes maintaining a courteous and professional demeanor, dressing in accordance with the company’s dress code, and ensuring all communications are conducted respectfully and clearly. Staff must possess a thorough understanding of the real estate services offered by the company and display prompt responsiveness to client inquiries. Additionally, the protection of client privacy and confidentiality is paramount, with strict adherence required to all relevant data protection laws and real estate industry regulations concerning client information.


Employees, contractors, and subcontractors are required to uphold the professional conduct and service quality standards detailed herein. They must always safeguard client confidentiality, unless disclosure is authorized or legally required. It is also imperative that any potential conflicts of interest or deviations from this policy are promptly reported to a supervisor or the compliance department. Supervisors are tasked with ensuring their teams are well-informed and compliant with this policy, addressing any issues swiftly. The compliance department is responsible for the regular review and updating of this policy to align with evolving laws and industry standards, auditing adherence, and managing any breach investigations.

Entitlement Statement

Clients are entitled to receive fair, respectful, and professional treatment from all representatives of our company. They have a right to accurate and current information about real estate services pertinent to their needs and must have their personal information treated with the utmost confidentiality and security. Additionally, clients are entitled to full transparency through comprehensive fiduciary duty, where our agents, brokers, and representatives are obligated to act in the best interests of the clients, including full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest or dual agency roles. Our company, in turn, expects all personnel to adhere to this policy and reserves the right to enforce disciplinary measures in case of violations. The company also holds the right to modify this policy as required to meet changing regulatory, business, and ethical demands.


Upholding the principles set out in this policy is essential to maintaining our company’s integrity and the trust of our clients. Our commitment to these standards is critical in delivering exemplary real estate services and ensuring that our interactions with clients reflect the professionalism and values of our organization. All employees, contractors, and subcontractors are encouraged to fully engage with this policy and seek further clarification whenever necessary.