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Sell Your Home By Owner And Save Thousands!

Selling your home can be a daunting task, but getting a cash offer today can make the process easier and faster. With a cash offer, you can avoid the hassle of traditional home sales and get the money you need quickly.

Seller’s Strategy

A better way of selling your home which saves you more as well as attracts buyers by offering seller concession. Simply create your account on Managing With Cures and start listing your property to get more exposure absolutely free.

You have decided to save thousands on broker fees and commissions. But don't be fooled, selling your own home is not an easy process. Many FSBO seller's eventually end up hiring a real estate agent, mainly because of the lack of resources and exposure. This is where Managing With Cures comes in. Our site is dedicated to helping sellers throughout the process. We will be adding a comprehensive list of strategic measures to help sell your home, along with forms, valuable links to quality businesses around the state and many features on the site that will assist you in selling your home.

Home Selling Checklist

Make sure the outside of the home is neat and clean. Grass should be well groomed and free of grass clippings. The roof and gutters should be free of debris, bushes and flower beds should be pruned and trimmed. The house exterior is the FIRST thing the potential buyer will see, you want to make a good first impression.

The inside should be well cleaned. All counter tops and tables should be free of clutter. You may need to rent a small storage room to store things that you don’t need!

How it works?

It’s quite simple! Your best bet getting your property sold faster is to be listed on your local Multiple Listing System or MLS. The simple fact is 87% of all buyers will use a REALTOR to buy their next home and REALTORS will use the MLS to search for homes with the promise of collecting 3% at the closing.

ManagingWithCures is best way to getting your home listed without having to pay the traditional 6% in listing fees.

Having a Clear Understanding of the Value of Your Home is Key to Helping You Make the Best Decision for Your Future

Let's valuate your home and start listing it on MLS to boost the selling process. Fill out the form here now!

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